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6 Köpfe flache Stickmaschine


Modell: FW-906


Produktbeschreibung FUWEI Computerized 6 Heads Flat Series Embroidery Machine


Design Storage :

Standard memory of 16 million stitches and up to 200 patterns. One design memory can hold up to 500,000 stitches;

Control Panel :

5" LCD touch screen operation panel with USB port

Stitch Length :

0.1~12.7 mm;

Pattern Editing :

Copy, split, delete and merge functions;

Pattern Data Editing :

Change pattern data by modifying, deleting or inserting stitches;

Auto Pattern Repeat :

Repeat a design in X/Y directions up to 99 times;

Reading all popular pattern data , such as DST, DSB

Stitch Exceed Outline Frame Warning :

When stitch run exceed the set outline limit, gives warning and automatically stop;

Thread Breakage Detection :

Upper and under thread automatic breakage detection system;

Auto Speed Control :

Increase or decrease embroidery speed automatically according to stitch length.

Power Detection :

Power failure protection function.

Produktgruppe : Flachstickmaschine