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Textile Machine Flat Knitter Preis


Modell:  XX-145S/152S/156S/260S/72S


Modell Nr .: XX-145S / 152S / 156S / 260S / 72S Stricken Produkttyp: Pullover Strickmethode: Single Computerized: Computerized Zustand: Neu Rolla: Double Strickgeschwindigkeit: Die Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 1,2m / S Leistung: Einphasig 220V Drei Phase 380V Herkunft: China Typ: Jacquard Stricken Stil: Flachnadel Bar Style: Flachbett Strickmaschine Zertifizierung: CE, ISO9001: 2000 Stricken Breite: 45/52/56/72 / 60inches Gauge: 5g, 7g, 10g, 12g, 13G, 14G und 3.5.7g Variable Gau Racking: AC Servo Motorsteuerung, Bewegen der Nadel Reichweite Marke: Xiexing HS Code: 84472020 Textile Machine Flat Knitter Preis Produktbeschreibung
Single Head Single Systeme, hohe Produktionseffizienz. Die Serie ist frei von dem Boden bedeutet vollautomatische Computer-Strick-Maschine Stricken, mit digitalen Technologie zu erreichen quer-Maschinen Nadeln drehen, hängen Kopf, Pick Löcher, keine gestrichelte Intarsien, Jacquard, bestickt, helle Stiche und andere regelmäßige oder unregelmäßige Muster funktionieren. Kann die Grundorganisation (Siping, einseitig, etc.), keine Regeln mehrfarbige Jacquard, Intarsia (Intarsia), verdrehte Blumen, Pick Löcher und andere Schuss-Organisation. Geeignet für Seide, Seide, kombinierte Filament, Wolle, Acryl, Mischgarn und andere Rohstoffe gewebte Kleidungsstücke und Pullover Schals, Hüte und Bekleidungszubehör.
Knitting Width Length Width Height Net Weight
45 Inches 2770 940 2010 About 1200 KG
52 Inches 2970 940 2010 About 1250 KG
56 Inches 2970 940 2010 About 1250 KG
72 Inches 2970 940 2010 About 1250 KG
60 Inches 2970 940 2010 About 1250 KG
Technische Daten
Gauge 5G, 7G, 10G, 12G, 13G, 14G and 3.5.7G variable gauge needle 12, 10, 9, 8, 7
Rolla Double
System Single head/Dual system  Single head/Single system  Double head/Dual system
Technische Hauptausführungen
Model XX-145S XX-152S XX-156S XX-260S XX-72S
Gauge 5G, 7G, 10G, 12G, 13G, 14G and 3.5.7G variable gauge needle 12, 10, 9, 8, 7
Knitting Width 45 Inches 52 Inches 56 Inches 60 Inches 72 Inches
Knitting Speed 64 segment selection, the maximum speed of 1.2m/s, using AC servo motor control, servo motor feedback control using sophisticated binding. High-speed digital signal processor computing power(DSP), control IGBT produce precise current output.
New Function Dual system, dual shaker, dual motor, double roller, dual drive
Knitting System Single head/dual system, single head/single system, double head/dual system
Knitting Function Turn the needle, tuck, peach hole, intarsia, jacquard, stitches, stitches and other rules dark flower weaving.
Racking AC servo motor control, moving the needle range up to 2 inches and with fine adjusting function.
Detect Alarm System Probe alarm safety device achieves up and down, side to side alarm function, breaking the current cross-filed probe single plane swing detection function and achieve its features.
Encoder Advanced encoder reading pin
Transfer Cam Triangle composite design, single/dual system can be individually or simultaneously turn the needle, the needle can also be a system to turn the other systems weave, to achieve efficient production.
Stitch Density Stepper motor control, 24-segment density choices subdivision technology, adjustable range: 0-650 degrees, more accurately control length of the garment.
Sinker System Stepper motor control, can be adjusted depending on the fabric, stitches and guidelines to achieve a variety of effects.
Comb Device(C Series) The principle of a closed U-releasing compound needle has activities can be carried out reliably gripping yarn, unseating.
Clip and Cutter(C Series) Including two scissors, four clips, individually controlled by six motors, synchronous or program instructions can be separated, and further improve efficiency, reduce yarn waste.
Take Down Roller Computer program instructions, stepper motor control, 24 levels selection, adjustable range: 0-100.
Yam Carrier 2*8 sets of yarn carriers arranged in four left and right sides rails, switch yarn needle beds anywhere in the mouth(no special equipment dashed intarsia yarn carriers specialized equipment available for purchase).
Protection When the machine is in motion the process of yarn breakage, joints, floats, rewind, number of pieces completed, move the bed did not return, hit the pin, the next program error, etc, automatic alarm, and a self-locking safety protection device.
Control System
  1. Screen using LCD industrial monitor, touch screen graphical interface, with USB and network transmission system expandable memory up to 1G, at the same time a large number of flowers into the file, and need to be called up according to production use.
  2. Monitor screen can display various operating parameters and values are woven stitch line and make adjustments while the machine is running at all times, to maximize ease of operation and save time.
  3. Easy-plate system and control system(software) upgrades, configured for free.
  4. Multi-language version: there are Chinese, English, Arabic and other languages, but also according to customer needs to set the desired language.
Network Fast Ethernet (ETHERNET) networks can accommodate up to 250 knitting machine, weaving information to upload, download and share.
Power Single phase 220V three phase 380V. Using advanced CMOS technology, in an instant with memory and power recovery.

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Textile Machine Flat Knitter Price Textile Machine Flat Knitter Price
Textile Machine Flat Knitter Price Textile Machine Flat Knitter Price

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Textile Machine Flat Knitter Price Textile Machine Flat Knitter Price

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